November 6, 2011


YouTuned is a browser Add-On for YouTube It doesn’t modify the appearance of the website and gives you the possibility for simultaneous watching and video searching/playlist composing in the same browser window.

Functional description

The current YouTube operating concept does not allow for simultaneous play and search in the same browser tab/window. The only connection to other videos is the column with suggestions on the right side, which displays videos possibly related to the one currently playing. The user has no direct influence on the content in this column and cannot search for other videos while watching the currently playing.

The added functionality should allow exactly that: When you make a search for something in youtube while playing a video the resutls of it are the content of the “Suggestions” column, without reloading the whole page or stopping the current video. The dynamically changeable suggestions list should have the same functionality as the static one in the original design – videos are be both clickable for direct play and have the option of being added to a playlist for playback at a later point in time. The playlist functionality remains unchanged.